Juli Alexander Author - Award-winning Young Adult Fiction
"A seriously entertaining read."
                --Livin' Life Through Books

"Stirring Up Trouble is YA at its best."
                --Mrs. Mommy Booknerd's Book Reviews

"[A] humorous and fun book with some great romance in it."
                --Clean Romance Reviews

"A fun beach worthy read."
              --The Flashlight Reader Book Reviews

"I had a big smile on my face the entire time I was reading it."
                --Author Karen Hall

"Don't start this book late at night because you will not be able to put it down until you have finished it."
                --Mermaid from Tennessee (Amazon review)

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Stirring Up Trouble

Zoe Miller is a 15-year-old witch with a talent for potions.  She's working hard to find a substitute for toad slime.  Since fat-free margarine has been found to be a substitute for dead man's toe, she's hopeful that she'll find one. 

Then there's all the so-called normal stuff.  Like high school, her annoyingly selfish "friend" Anya, and her crush on Anya's ex-boyfriend Jake.

Now, Zoe's dad is dating Jake's mom, and things are getting more and more complicated. If only Zoe could brew a potion or two and set everything straight.  Zoe can't.  If she brews a self-serving potion, bad things will happen to her appearance.  Like a crooked nose, giant wart, green skin, rotting teeth--the whole ugly witch stereotype.  

Zoe's tired of fate interfering so cruelly in her life.  Can you really blame her for putting her potions to not-so-good use and stirring up trouble?

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