Juli Alexander Author - Award-winning Young Adult Fiction
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My Life as the Ugly Stepsister

This is a must-read if you wish to learn how Ally overcomes every obstacle life throws at her and never loses her sense of humor.
            —Mermaid from Tennessee
 “[A]ww this story was so so so cute.”
             —amazon review
“What can I say? I absolutely adored this book. The writing, the humor, the chemistry between the main characters... Ally is an extremely funny and relatable heroine that should appeal to all girls.”
            —Amanda Brice, author of Codename Dancer and Pointe of No Return
"My Life as the Ugly Stepsister" was a lighthearted, hilarious and sweet look at first love.
                —Author Arlene Hittle
“A very funny and interesting read.”
                —Elizabeth on Goodreads

When Ally’s mother moves to Seattle to try out a relationship with an internet boyfriend, the fourteen-year-old has to live with her dad, her wicked stepmonster, and her way too beautiful stepsister. Ally’s list of brutal teen truths is growing by the minute.  Can change actually bring something good this time around, or is Ally doomed to live out her life as the ugly stepsister?

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