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New Release!

Spies Like Us (Nic and Christie's Story) A Novella in the Investigating the Hottie Series--available in Christmas Wishes!

Christie’s coworkers at GASI, her niece, and numerous apprehended villains have all noticed the flirtation between Christie and her partner, Nic. In fact, Christie and Nic appear to be the only ones oblivious to their feelings for each other—a necessity, after all, since a romance between the spies would mean the end to their successful partnership.
At the request of the agency, Christie and Nic discard their Christmas plans and head to Miami to double-cross one criminal and apprehend two others. When faced with an impossible situation, will they realize that admitting their feelings may not be the end, but rather the beginning?

Seventeen-year-old Townsey Paxton longs to run the family detective agency. After her twenty-six-year-old brother leaves vet school to manage the agency and care for her, his sacrifices start to take their toll. Townsey finds a way to help, enlisting the aid of her diverse group of friends. She grows bolder with her success. When she suspects one of the agency’s clients is being abused, she can’t look the other way. She risks her safety to do what she knows is right, but things suddenly go terribly wrong. Can Townsey control her justified panic long enough to use the lessons from her father? Or will her life-long dream lead to her untimely death?

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