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My heart goes out to those in Sydney who are coping with the aftermath of the horrific acts in the cafe. Because the book I was planning to release this week involves my spy teens preventing an act of terrorism in Sydney's CBD, I am delaying the release until January 20th. My prayers are with the people of Pakistan and Australia as you cope with the recent acts of violence.

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Amanda and Will are back!  This time, they're heading to New York City the day after Christmas.  The mission: stop an assassination plot against the UN Secretary General.  Aunt Christie and her partner Nic, are back as well, and playing the role of the parents on the undercover operation. 

As for Amanda and Will, they're still adjusting to the boyfriend-girlfriend thing, but while in the Big Apple, they are pretending to be brother and sister.  Oh, and don't forget Grandma.  She's on the team as well.  Can Will and Amanda convince the New York teens that they're twins?  Can they track down the bad guys before the ball drops in Times Square?  Because if they fail, lives will be lost and the UN and the US may never be the same.

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